Facial cleansers

Facial cleaning devices, among which you can find the most suitable one for you - electric brushes, tweezers, vacuum cleaners and multi-functional devices.

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Darsonval with digital display

Digital display and hard case to carry. Extremely easy to use, darsonval is widely used for a n

Face vacuum pore cleanser

Fresh and clean skin - 2 in 1 vacuum and aqua peeling Convenient and practical, this device prov

Face vacuum pore cleanser - Hot and Cold

Equipped with a hot and cold compress nozzle, you can deep clean your skin with this vacuum device.

Face vacuum pore cleanser, 5 replicable heads

5 replicable suction heads and 5 intensity levels! This vacuum cleaner has 5 different replicabl

Acne needles set - 7 pcs

The set contains 5 double-sided needles and 2 tweezers suitable for removing acne and blackheads. Ma

Acne needles set - 4 pcs

A set of 4 types of double-sided needles for removing acne and blackheads. Made of stainless steel.

High Frequency Skin Therapy Wand Darsonval

The darsonval is a device with a wide range of applications, suitable for both professional and home

Face steamer SkinTime

Cleansing and hydration In just 10 minutes, with the help of warm steam, the pores are opened and m

Facial cleansing brush Skintime, deep cleaning and exfoliation

Waterproof from hypoallergenic silicone! The SkinTime electric cleaning and massage brush contri

Laser pen
Laser pen

A blue light laser that successfully treats a number of skin discolorations and pigmentation spots:

Facial massager with cryotherapy, warm compress and EMS

EMS, warm and cold compress, LED and ion therapy An innovative massager that combines several of

4-in-1 multifunctional beauty device

Warming cleaning with microvibration, Photon LED therapy and lifting 4-in-1 multifunctional b

Ultrasonic skin scrubber with iontophoresis - Premium

High-end ultrasonic facial cleansing skin scrubber with microcurrent (EMS), iontophoresis and LED ph

Ultrasonic face cleansing spatula SkinTime

An intelligent ultrasonic facial spatula, combining high-tech therapies for deep skin exfoliation, l

Ultrasonic Ion Skin Scrubber

Cleansing and better absorption of cosmetic products! This facial cleansing spatula combines

4 in 1 Electric Cleansing Face Brush

This electric face brush is a device with which you can quickly and easily keep your skin clean and

Facial Cleansing Brush - Premium Blue

10x better cleaning with 3 different attachments! A device of a new generation, with which op